Friday, January 29, 2010

The Lady Gaga Report

Hello Lady Gaga Lover,

For those interested in up to the minute Lady Gaga Reporting* please head to;

Instant reports and images. Maybe one, maybe none maybe more (depends how much of the weekend I want to spend looking at things with my real eyes vs through an iPhoto lens).

* disclaimer – reports may or may not include any Lady Gaga


Jenn L said...

i am confused. what is this?

LHW said...

Joe is pop turket. he was tweeting from the Grammys

Jenn L said...

oh i see. he went to the grammy's!!!!

Anth said...

i hate you and love you so much right now.

carmel dias said...

Ummm where's the lady gaga news?

this blows!

can i touch the grammy?

carmel dias said...

also, i just got why you put a picture of a turkey...POP turkey.

Joe said...

Carmel, you've got the read the disclaimers more closely.